Make your next great hire for a fraction of the cost

We've been hiring people internationally for 6+ years to help build our software products. Now we want to use experience and relationships to help you find your next great remote hire.All at a fraction of the cost of a US-based hire.


Why hire in the Philippines?

The Philippines has hard-working, talented people with English proficiency and a knack for Internet technologies. The lower cost of living means you'll save on payroll while giving your new hire a great wage.

How does it work?

1. Tell us about the job

Just fill out our short survey to get started.

2. We'll connect you with candidates

Our team of recruiters in Batangas City, Philippines will find and vet candidates for you based on your needs.

3. Interview and hire the best fit

Our candidate's rates are variable based on role and experience (they're usually in the $750-1,000/month range). When you hire a candidate, we'll charge a one-time 30% fee based on their annualized compensation. We offer a 30-day guarantee to ensure you get what you need.

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